My righteousness vs. God’s righteousness

I saw a horse yesterday. Now that in itself is not unusual. I see horses all the time. They’re walking past our house, on the side of the road…they’re everywhere.

Now, most horses around here look about like this: Scrawny, scruffy, skinny.

My horses when I first got them

But this particular horse looked MUCH worse than the average horse, or even then less-than-average horse. It looked positively awful!

This horse looked worse than this!

It was literally nothing but skin and bones, it’s hair was a horrid mess-it probably had mange. Hobbling on three legs (the fourth was there but it wasn’t using it), trying to keep up with it’s herd mates (all of whom looked much better). It looked like a bundle of filthy rags and sickness.

How could anyone allow that to happen to their animal? To allow it to get to a state of no return to health. That horse was dying, you could see that it was getting to be the last-ditch effort of the horse to survive. It was pathetic.

But as I viewed that horse in its disgusting and revolting state and questioned how, my God had a lesson for me to learn.

That is what your righteousness, the righteousness you try to gain on your own, looks like to Me. All your righteousness is as filthy rags.

My righteousness is a disgusting, filthy mess? It looks disgusting and revolting, like that horse does?

Yes, it does. It looks worse than that.

But then, Lord, what can I do?

You can choose to believe that I will fulfill My promises. You can choose, through faith, to allow Me to cover you with My righteousness: the pure, white loveliness of Me. You can choose to allow Me to take control of your life, your thoughts, your goals. You can choose to allow Me to transform you into My image. Only the righteousness which I give you is worth anything. My righteousness is the only true righteousness.And then, when you are covered with My robe of light I will not see your filthy rags anymore.

Isn’t that wonderful? A choice to believe, a daily committment, abandonment, absolute surrender….His righteousness.

what a horse is supposed to look like

(the pictures not of my horses courtesy of Google images)