Come soon, Lord Jesus

A day that started out like every other, yet ended completely different.

Unsuspecting people dashing through life.

Did they know Christ?

Factor in 266 tornadoes in one day. (That’s a record by the way)




Over 290 lives dead.

Did those who died know Christ as a personal, living, vibrant Savior? Were they ready to meet their Maker?

I used to live in Georgia. I have close friends there. The suspense maddening….Are they okay? Relief upon finding out that they were…

Yet, what of everyone else that I may not know? What of the ones who aren’t okay? What of the ones who are fighting to hold on to life in hospitals? What of those who have lost everything? Who is giving them encouragement to go on, who is there sharing their burdens?

My heart aches.

But how much more the heart of God aches. How much more He wishes that all who perished had accepted Him as their Father. How much more He longs to alleviate the suffering and sickness. How much more He longs to give comfort and encouragement. How much more He longs to carry their burdens.

God’s heart aches much worse than mine.

Oh Precious Jesus, Infinite Love,

please come soon and banish sin and suffering forevermore.

We have this hope…

Hope in the coming of the Lord.