To rule the spirit when passion is seeking for the mastery.

To resist the temptation to censure and to speak faultfinding words.

To have patience with the child that is dull and whose conduct is grievous and trying.

To stand at the post of duty when others may fail.

To lift responsibilities wherever and whenever you can, not for the purpose of applause, not for policy, but for the sake of the Master.

To keep silent when you might praise yourself.

To do good to others where inclination would lead you to serve and please yourself.

To work hard even though your fellow men may never appreciate your efforts or give you credit for them.

To press forward even when the way seems impossible.

To accept cheerfully the interruption of your plans and desires.

To have no thought for your own good but only for the good of others.

To be willing to be inconvenienced so that you can be convenient to others.

To smile even when you don’t feel like smiling.

To stay true even when circumstances are against you.

To reflect the love of Christ to the world through the power of His grace.

This is service.

Monument Valley Seventh-day Adventist Chruch

Health and Healing Center under construction. The tires on the roof of the sun porch are protecting the shingles from