Only in Water…

Have you ever felt like you’ve been pushed off the deep end?

Has it ever seemed that you’re struggling to stay afloat?

Have you ever fought drowning?

Have you been rescued?

Do you have a hidden talent that you are hesitant to use for fear of failure?

Has someone asked you to do a task you don’t want to accept because you feel unqualified?

Have you ever known you were called by God to something far beyond your current abilities?

 What did you do?

Did you eagerly, trustingly, faithfully accept the task given,

Did you try to talk God out of it,

Or did you simply ignore the call?

Are you called, right now, to do something far beyond your abilities, dreams, talents, strength?

Do you feel that to accept that task would result in your drowning?

Do you feel overwhelmed at the very thought of acceptance?

If so,

It’s only in acceptance that you can learn dependance upon God.

It’s only through moving forward in faith that you can see the impossible become possible.

It’s only through surrendering and overcoming fear that you can have victory.

It’s only through dreaming greater dreams that we can have a higher vision.


You can never study enough to feel experienced enough.

You can never learn enough to feel ready.

Your abilities can be developed and your talents improved only by persistent practice.

It’s only in water that you can learn to swim.