This past week or so has been hectic.

Jasmine, one of my two horses, was sold and went to her new home.

Now I just have one. Jacinth.

He misses her.

Jasmine was such a sweet horse. She was friendly, curious, stubborn, forgiving.

Jasmine is the one on the left.

I miss her also.

I got them fresh from the wild. Tamed them. Taught basic skills.

It’s been a good experience, and I’ve learned a lot.

But the learning doesn’t stop here.

I still have Jacinth, and he’s quite a character.

And now, we’re getting to ride off on a adventure.

Camp starts tomorrow.

So, everyone….I’ll be back after camp.

Please pray that the winds will remain calm.

Two reasons: So that the wildfires’ progress will be slowed;

And so that we won’t have to choke on dust during camp.

Great is His Faithfulness!