Camp pictures

Much needed rest; the laughter of children

Horse riding and training


Fun and Games

Changing lives.

Wind, Sand, Dirt

Growing closer as friends

Everyone except Ulrica and me.



And so, camp is finished for another year.

We’ve learned a whole lot, we’ve grown a whole lot.

We’re looking forward to next year.

We, us and our God, lit a spark that we pray will never go out.

We pray that those who participated in this camp will go home

and set their world on fire for Christ.

We don’t want just a mild, measly, tiny fire….

We want a wildfire.

We want it to blaze so brightly that those who see it will know Christ for themselves.

We want homes revolutionized by the power of the Gospel of grace.

And now, as we continue throughout this year, looking for ways to reach our young people.

Searching for new, understandable ways to impress upon their minds the love of the cross.

Pray with us, that they will not lose what they have gained, but will advance in the knowledge of God and the faith of Jesus.