Simply Trust

For 80 years the children of Israel were daily reminded of the miraculous provision of God, of His unfailing care and tender love.

They saw the plagues in Egypt….

They saw the red sea part…

They saw the cloud that led them….

They saw the water come from rock….

They ate the manna….

They ate the fowls….

They experienced the majesty and wonder of God speaking to them…

They received the ten commandments, written on stone with God’s own finger…

They had the sanctuary, and the presence of God, right there with them….

And yet, it was not enough.

They still doubted.

They still murmered.

They still worshipped graven images.

They still wavered between two opinons.

They forgot the works of God.

They choose not to obey His law.

The cycle of backsliding and chastisement, of confession and deliverance, was repeated again and again.

Is it not the same today?

Do we not have plentiful evidence of a God who is faithful? Of a God we can trust?

Is God not the same today as He was yesturday?

Does He not still supply us with food and water?

Do we not see numerous evidences of His love and watch care over us?

Then why do we still doubt?

You can trust the hand that never wavers.

You can trust the God who never changes.

He’s faithful.

And He always will be.

We have nothing to fear for the future, except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us, and his teaching in our past history