Joy in pain

I’m learning to find joy in and through pain.

Joy in a rainbow, exactly when I need it.

Joy in a song that expresses my thoughts completely.

Joy in the faithfulness of my King.

Joy in the knowledge that I am never alone.

Joy in a friend (or two), who without even realizing it, gives me the strength to press on for a few more minutes…and then does that time and time again.

Joy in the children who ask so many questions.

Joy in the heartache.

Joy through the tears.

Joy in the realization that His wisdom is sufficient.

Joy in those who do my responsibilities for me when I don’t feel up to doing them myself.

Joy in teeny, tiny, cool-colored spoons.

Joy in the knowledge that things could be much worse.

Joy in knowing, and experiencing for myself, the fact that His grace is sufficient.

It isn’t always easy….but neither was the cross.

Thank You, Father, for Your strength in my weakness.

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