Dying to live

I’ve been contemplating death this weekend.

We all must die.

The consequence of sin is death; the forfeiting of our right to life for all eternity.

Yet, why do we sin?

God cannot and will not tolerate sin in any form, and He has made full and adequate provisions for cleansing and keeping from its impurity. Christ’s death meets the demands of a broken law. His blood cleanses from the defilement and impurity of sin. His power heals the wounds and diseases and deformities sin has caused.

We don’t have to sin, anymore.

Yet, we still do. Why?

It is because so many know little of the actual experience of dying in Christ His death, that they find it so difficult to live in Him His life. Christ’s power is our only hope of overcoming sin. His power is freely offered. However, undoubtedly the great difficulty with the majority of believers is that they are trying to live Christ’s life without first having died Christ’s death. They seem to have the notion that Christ died so that we need not die, and so through faith in Christ they hope to live without dying.

It is very plain from Paul’s words in Galations 2:20, “I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me”, that livings Christ’s life  of victory over sin continuously is dependent upon dying with Him daily. Making this death with Christ actual is the only way into a victorious life with Christ which is actual.


Yet, we fight death.

It hurts. Choosing to die to self hurts. And we try to avoid as much pain as we can.

But won’t dying eternally hurt even worse?

If Christ would live and reign in me,

I must die;

With Him I crucified must be;

I must die;

Lord, drive the nails, nor heed the groans,

My flesh may writhe and make its moans,

But in this way and this alone,

I must die.

When I am dead, then, Lord, to Thee

I shall live;

My time, my strength, my all to Thee

I shall give.

O may the Son now make me free!

Here, Lord, I give my all to Thee;

For time and for eternity

I will live.