Born to Die

Born to die.

3 simple words, yet such a powerful combination. It sounds awfully like a oxymoron, but is it really?


Jesus, my Savior, was born to die. Not just to live here on earth, not just to minister, not just to work miracles….Born to die.


Christ’s purpose in living was to save me from my sin.

The only way He could do that was to pay the price–death– for my sin.

His purpose in living was to die.


If my main purpose in being born was to die I don’t think I would want to be born. It seems pointless. It appears to be a wasted life. Why create life simply so that life could die?


Thats what makes this so meaningful.

Christ lived to die so that I could spend eternity with Him, so that I could be free from sin.

What a tremendous value that places on my life.

What great love that reveals.


Born to die. It’s not such an oxymoron after all. We die (to self and sin) so that we can live eternally. Death here ends with life eternally. Christ lived to die so that I could have eternal life.


He lived to die….

…for me.