I love this time of year.

There’s just something that causes me to pause and take notice about watching snowflakes gently fall,
Smelling a steaming cup of herb tea,
Candlelight flickering,
Long evenings,
and Autumn slipping out and winter slipping in.

But what I love most of all is that for just a few short moments we give thanks.

We pause to remember the blessings God has bestowed upon us.
We pause to consider things outside ourselves.

We lack gratitude too much.

Life cannot be truly lived without a thankful heart.
Life cannot be truly enjoyed without giving thanks for the storms as well as the sun.
Life cannot be what God wants it to be unless we give Him glory.

And that’s what true gratitude is really about.

Giving God glory.

Counting His glory more precious than what we want. Than what we are. Then what we think we need.

And it’s only when we are focused on bringing Him glory….
On living a life that glorifies Him….

That we can truly be grateful for the rain, for the sun, for the gifts that Heaven bestows.

And that we can give thanks even if we never receive.

It’s Thanksgiving today. I have much to be thankful for, there is much I am thankful for. But right now, I’m thankful most of all for Calvary.
For it is because of Calvary that grace is power, that love transforms, that there is life.