Called by His Name

Isa 4:1

To be called by a name indicates belonging, possession.
And I am called by God’s name.

I belong to Him (He has bought me with His blood).
He accepts me as His child.
He has possession of me (I belong to Him).

And what’s more:
My character is associated with my name.
When someone says my name they instantly know who I am, what I am like.

To be called by His name is to take on His character…
Or else cause Him to be known by my own faulty character (and thus dishonor Him).

To be called by His name is to be transformed into His image.
To trust Him to take care of me, to feed me, to clothe me.

But far too often, like the women in Isaiah, I want to be called by His name….
To have the benefits, the protection, to be no more reproached;
But still to take care of myself. Feed myself, clothe myself….keep my own character.

But it doesn’t work that way.

To be called by His name is to be owned by Him, to belong to Him, to be transformed by Him. It is to be clothed by Him, to ditch the inadequate garments I provide for myself (my ‘righteousness’) and to be covered in His perfect righteousness. It is to be fed with His bread that satisfies completely.

It is to let Him take care of me.

I can’t be called by His name and still go through life living my life my way.
I have to live the life He calls me to live, His way.

Surrender? Abandonment? Yes, it’s scary.
Because right now I have control, I know what’s coming next.
And to let Him have control, to plan my life for me, to transform my character into His seems way beyond comfort.

But I’m learning that I need never fear.
I belong (to Him).

Him, the One who never fails.
Him, the One who is love.
Him, the One who gave so much more than I will ever be called to give.
Him, the One who gave His life for my salvation…

I belong to Him.

And He takes care of His own.

Photo Credits: Heidi Reinecke

Photo Credits: Heidi Reinecke