Someday, Someone

My heart aches, burns, cries within me. I read blog posts, comments; I hear the cries of the missionaries: who will go?

I read the stories. The one man who did the work of five. The ones who can’t go and serve but have already been. The overworked, overburdened ones who call for, ask for, plead for help; while only giving more.

How could my heart not be moved?

I hear the cries. I see the need…

But do I really?

If I really saw wouldn’t I be there already? If I really saw wouldn’t the desire to give more and more overwhelm me? If I really saw the need wouldn’t I refuse to rest until that need was filled?

The souls of men are dying.

They’re dying while we sit here, struggling to find answers for who will go and when they’ll go. They’re dying now and we’re forgetting that they’re not just dying in foreign fields–but they’re dying all around us.

For long years I’ve heard missionaries plead for more workers and I’ve basically been unmoved. I’ve said “maybe someday I’ll go but for now someone else will have to go.” But all that is changing (because knowing God changes everything).

I’ve become too comfortable in my life today.
I’ve become too comfortable saying “yes, yes the need is great and someone should go” while I sit in my comfortable house, unmoving. I’ve becoming too comfortable going to work in ministry each day and I’ve forgotten than ministry isn’t something I do–it’s something I live (or should live, anyway).

Souls die all around me every day. They’re dying in my church, my neighborhood, my home. It’s time for me to stop living the “40-hour-week” version of ministry and really live ministry. It’s time to quit saying “someday, somebody else will do it” and change that someday into today.

Not everyone is called to go to a foreign place to serve God, but that is no reason not to work wholeheartedly here. This whole world is a mission field, and where I am today is my mission field.

“As servants of Christ we should be faithful in the position where God sees that we can render most efficient service. If opportunities of greater usefulness are presented to us, we should accept them at the Master’s bidding, and His approving smile will be upon us. But we should fear to leave our appointed work unless the Lord clearly indicates our duty to serve Him in another field.”*

I look at the work I do each day, each week, and sometimes it seems insignificant compared to those who labor on the front lines on the mission field. But really, it’s not. I have the privilege of working with and for the hearts of young people who can change the world. I have the amazing responsibility of seeking to connect their hearts with Christ. I love my work. This is my appointed task right now. But I wonder if there is more I can do here where I am.

I long for greater usefulness. And while my heart objects that I already have so much to do, so many chains to choose to allow God to release–that doesn’t change the fact that all around me, even in my home, men are dying and God calls me to reach them-to be His hands and feet. And with that calling, He promises strength sufficient.

I don’t ever want to lose sight of the work He has called me to do.
I don’t want to sit comfortably and say “someone else will do it.” There may never be a “someone else”.
I don’t want to just give the minimum, but give until there is nothing left to give.

To share Him I must know Him.
And that’s why this year I’m making seeking Him a priority. To know Him is to love Him, to love Him is to serve Him. And it’s only by knowing Him that I can truly love as He loves.

“That I may know Him…”***

*5T 184
*** Philippians 3:10

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