Nothing Less

I’ve been studying the sanctuary for school lately, and I’m  amazed  at the degree of perfection and exactness that went into everything concerning the sanctuary.


It was made exactly according to the pattern given.

The priests did their appointed work perfectly.

There was to be no blemish or spot in the offerings.

The priests had to be completely clean before officiating.

The sanctuary was kept free from all dust and dirt.

Nothing that would defile or mar the sanctuary was to enter there.


The exactness, the perfection, the attention to detail is mind-boggling. I find it hard to imagine doing such perfect work.


And yet, God expects no less.

He requires no less.


We are to give ourselves to the service of God, and we should seek to make the offering as nearly perfect as possible. God will not be pleased with anything less than the best we can offer. Those who love Him with all the heart, will desire to give Him the best service of the life, and they will be constantly seeking to bring every power of their being into harmony with the laws that will promote their ability to do His will. {PP 352.3}


If we are willing and ready to give our best to our friends, our family, our jobs, how much more we should be willing and ready to give God our utter and complete best.


He will. not. be pleased with anything less.




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