Life is nothing without Jesus.

It isn’t beautiful.
It isn’t worthwhile.
It isn’t joyful.

Without Christ, all is dark. All is sad and drear and colorless.

But Jesus….

He transforms everything.
He fills my days with grace.
He surrounds each hour with His presence.
His love fills and surrounds.
He gives my heart a song.

He is love, His service is life, and in His presence is everlasting joy.
He can turn ashes into beauty and pain into joy.

My heart longs for more of Him.
More of His grace, more of His love, more of His forgiveness and compassion.
I long to know Him more.

But not just to know Him:
To love Him, serve Him, follow Him, live for Him.

He gave His life for me.
He left His throne in Heaven. The majestic King of Kings stooped down to be a servant. He washed the filthy feet of His disciples, He associated with the outcasts and sinners.
Despised and rejected by man. Loved by few and hated by many.

Still He came.
Still He gave [everything].

He died for me. And because He died, because He conquered sin forever, because He lives….

I, too, can live.