Gracious God

The Lord will wait that He may be gracious unto you.

This amazes me.

The people?
They’ve despised God’s Word.
They’ve told His prophets to leave them alone, that they only want to hear smooth things.
They’ve trusted in oppression and perverseness.
They’ve even refused to trust in the Lord.

And yet, despite all this, God still waits for His people to repent, turn to Him, and realize they need Him?

He waits so He can be gracious.

And the Hebrew word means more than to simply to bestow favor.
It means to bend or stoop in kindness to an inferior.

I find it hard to wrap my mind around this concept.

An infinite God, waiting to bestow gracious forgiveness and love upon those who’ve rejected Him.
An almighty God, waiting to take their sorrow and captivity and turn it into joy and freedom.
A God, who waits even when His people are running straight the other way.

And to think: He still waits for His people today….

Amazing love.

(Isaiah 30:18)