Treasure Life

I’d forgotten just how important it is to treasure life. That is, until this weekend.
No, I didn’t almost die. To my knowledge I didn’t even come close.

But someone else is. (A lot of someone else’s.) But specifically my aunt is dying.*

I saw her this weekend. And I watched those nearest her deal with the knowledge that she won’t be here much longer.

The family? Some are resigned, some hoping for the best. And the others?
They struggle.

I can’t imagine what it must be like for Grandma and Grandpa to know their much-loved middle child is dying.
But I watch, and it’s tearing them apart.

I can’t imagine what it’s like for my other aunts and uncles to lose a sister, to watch her die a slow death, and to know that if her heart stops they’re not calling 911.
But I watch, and they support each other while grieving the loss of a dream.

And my dad? The one who flew hundreds of miles to see his sister one more time before she’s gone….
I watch—he’s grieving too.

I watch them all.
I hear them wonder how they’ll get through this. Me, the lone person under the age of 49 that is present.

I hardly know this aunt. I hardly know this family.
Brokenness does this to a family. Living across the country from the rest of the family does this too.

But she is family. And I’m learning that those family ties are strong and this heart hurts. For those who are left, who have to deal with loosing their child, their sister.

I wish they knew Jesus more.
I wish they found Him to be a true and faithful Friend.
I wish they knew His comfort.

The fragility of life is amazing.
The gift of family is precious.
The peace and trust that comes from knowing God is priceless.

Friends, treasure life.

It’s fragile. Here one moment, gone the next.
And it’s always a gift from God.

Life isn’t given just so it can be merely lived. It’s given to be given away.

So, treasure life. And give it away.

* She has at least four different types of cancer in various parts of her body and at least 24 tumors in her brain. The doctor has given her only a few short weeks to live, which are almost up.