It’s just one word but it has me in utter wonder.

You know, how just one moment can hold you there in silence; how just one thought can change the course of your life; how just one word can rivet you?

I just finished studying Isaiah 43. There is just so much beauty, so much depth, so much promise in that chapter.

And out of it all I’m left with one simple word: “chosen”.

Think about it for a moment.
What does chosen mean to you?

What does it mean to you when it says that God—the almighty, infinite, perfectly holy, yet tender Father—has chosen you?

Not until last fall did I really begin to understand what being chosen was.
She was just a little girl, but arguably one of the sweetest and cutest around. (Yes, I’m biased!)
Yet, she didn’t want anything to do with me. She loved her family, but I was a stranger and so she didn’t know or trust me. If I walked near, she cried.
That all changed when I spent a weekend at her home. Suddenly, she brought me books to read, fell asleep on top of me.
I guess I had to get into her comfort zone for her to decide she liked me.

It didn’t change after that. Every time I saw her she’d come running with a smile, a book, a toy.

But it wasn’t until we were all gathered together, the YD family that is, and she stood in the middle of the room full of her loved ones, her flesh and blood, and looked around, deciding where to go—and decided to come running to me…

It wasn’t until then that I understood what being chosen was.

And now, to think, that God has chosen me.
That He chooses to spend time with me when He doesn’t have to.
That He chooses to love me even though I’ve hurt Him over and over again.

This moves me.

Because this is so incredibly more significant than my little friend choosing me.

He’s the King of the Universe.
He knows the number of the stars, He knows the number of grains of sand on the seashore.
And I’m just a tiny speck on this planet I call home.

But He’s also a personal God. One who takes an interest in every moment of my day; One who knows me by name. A Faithful Father, Enduring Friend….

But I’m not a speck to Him.
I belong to Him, and He has chosen me.