God so loved


I wonder why He came. I wonder why He left the glories of Heaven for this sin-darkened world.

But I don’t wonder long. I know why He came.

He came because He loves me (you, us).
He came because He wants to dwell with me. Forever.

Mankind has been taken hostage by sin.
Sin demands death. There can be no other way.
The death—rightly mine.

God so loved.
He made a plan for my redemption. A man must die, and only one Man could pay the price sin required.
And so, Christ came to die.

The implications are amazing.
If He had sinned just once we’d still be captives to sin.

But God so loved that He gave His only Son.
He didn’t sell Him to the world, He gave His Son.
And Christ became a willing sacrifice.

He paid the ransom for me.
Ransom’s goal is reunion.

And because He paid an infinite price….
Because He gave His life.
I know He wants a reunion with me.
And He’s paid all.

Because of this, I can live with Him. Forever.



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