Gift of worth

Love always has an advantage.

Because Love forgives, and redeems, and welcomes…. Welcomes my wandering heart back with open arms.

The cross is bloodstained for a reason. A man had to die to pay the cost of sin, and not just any ordinary man. No, this is the only Son of God.

He came in human flesh, He suffered, fought, and died because He counted me worthy. Worthy of forgiveness, or love, of bearing His name.

God gave all He could give for He gave all Heaven when He gave His Son.  And the blood that stains the cross is no ordinary blood.

His blood alone can save a life.

Each life more precious to Him than His own.

He still counts me worthy.

Even though I’ve wandered, forgotten, doubted.

Even though I’ve chosen to believe that I’m not worth anything.

He still offers me forgiveness. His love still welcomes me back time and time again.

And all because He came, lived, died, and rose again.

He gave the greatest gift.