Waiting for a miracle

Sometimes one stands on hallowed ground, breathes hallowed air, works in hallowed work.

Every day God works. Each facet of His work is equally sacred. One word can change a life. One life can touch the world.

Each day is a miracle.
We don’t always count them as such.

But what about the others? The miracle of the impossible becoming reality; of His strength in my weakness; of transformation?

Why don’t we see them more?

Perhaps God waits for us to believe He can work the impossible.

He waits for us to know we can’t do it without Him.
He waits for lives in which He can work His miracle.

He can’t work miracles in lives that are trying to work their own version of a miracle.

But He can work miracles in a life wholly abandoned and surrendered and knowing that God’s glory is His children’s good; and that no matter what we can trust Him perfectly safely.

He bears every trust. And He never fails.

We wait for miracles all too often. And while we wait, God waits for us.
Let’s not make Him wait any longer.