Give all

Some mornings start out calmly. Some begin by rocking my world. Today, the latter.

I’ve often said that to truly serve one must give all they possess, but for weeks now I’ve wondered if my all is enough. You know, what is the little I have against the great need everywhere. And really, if I give all will there be anything left?

After today I’m changing what I say. Well. Sort of.

You see, everything that I possess was given me by God and His resources are limitless. But He doesn’t say “Give My bread to the hungry.” No, it’s my bread that I must give away. And to give my bread away I must make what He gives me mine. I can’t just say “that’s nice.” I must own, believe, live. And He doesn’t tell me that I can keep part of what He gives me for myself. He simply commands that I give all.

In every command of God is a promise, and His promise here is that I will have something to give away. So, if I’m obeying and I’m giving away what I have, I don’t need to worry about having nothing left. As I give He will impart, and the more I give the more He will impart. God’s gifts are best treasured when given away anyway.

And so I’m changing what I say.

My all will never be enough but I still must give it. And as I give my all, God gives me His all. And His all is always enough.

(Thoughts from The Desire of Ages, chapter 39.)

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