Live to love. Heart of life.

His life my light. Fullness of grace.
Meant to shine on me.

Because He did.
Christ laid down His life, loved it not until death, so He could live a life of love.

He came. He lived love. He gave His all.

He is still the light. He is still love. But His love now shines in His yielded ones. His light now shines through them.
Yielded ones who have joyfully chosen to surrender their love of life so they can live a life of love.

Living a life of love rather than loving to live is no small difference. But it is the heart of truly living, and neither is there any small difference in what He gave so He could redeem me and the life He lived here on Earth.

In fact, there is no comparison.

He gave His life so His light could light my darkness, so I could know the heart of Love.

So I, too, can live His love.


*thoughts from: John 1; Streams in the Desert, April 26.


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