He Always Will 

It’s taken me 2.5 years to wade through Isaiah’s 66 chapters, but I don’t regret it nor the “detours” that helped it take that long. They were what I needed, and I found that every time I came back to Isaiah my marker was right where I needed it then, too. 

I’ve been reviewing what I learned from this book and I’m left with four thoughts. 

1.) We are broken, but God wants to heal. He gave promise after promise to an apostate nation, He gives promise after promise to me. The difference: they received not the fulfillment but if I obey than the fulfillment is mine. 

2.) When God transforms He completely transforms, but it doesn’t stop there. I am redeemed so that I may serve: feed the hungry, seek justice for the oppressed, etc. It’s a beautiful way for His love to touch the world. 

3.) God is just but He is also merciful. He makes no secrets about what happens if I persist in sin but He also bears long. When I run away, He comes after. When I sin, He is ready to forgive. He bore long with a nation that would not listen, and He bears long with me. 

4.) Lastly, but certainly not least, God is love. It is Love that the rescues the straying, Love that touches the filthy and transforms, and Love that gives every chance possible for me to turn to Him and love Him back. It is Love that has chosen me, love that waits so He can be gracious and forgive. Love builds no barriers and He offers me this chance, this gift, to love as He does, even though I’m broken…. Perhaps because I’m broken. It is love that heals, after all. 

Today I have just one question and it’s not a question of whether or not God loves me or has chosen me or wants me to be with Him forever. He does. He always will. But have I chosen Him?

He is everything I need and He is enough for me.