If you seek to serve and obey God and if you ever wonder whose you are and what you are, remember these four things:

Loved. Redeemed. Forgiven. Transformed.

You are loved and because you are loved Holy God sent His Son to redeem you from sin. He paid an infinite price: a price only God could ever pay, and you are with the precious blood of Christ, now belonging to Him.

The purpose of redemption though, is not just to buy you back from the master of sin, but to make a way for you to be forgiven, clean again. And once forgiven, the door is open for God to do His best work in making you a most precious treasure, transformed and remade into gold.

So you are loved. Loved just as you are.
You are redeemed. You are God’s and He takes care of His own.
You are forgiven, cleansed to walk in newness of life.
And you are being transformed. In His time, in His way. And you can rest assured that God makes no mistakes.