About This Blog

This God of mine has me on a journey. A journey towards knowing Him, a journey of grace, a journey called life. This journey has not always been what I thought amazing. It hasn’t always been what I would have chosen if I had chosen. But this journey has made me who I am, and I as look back over the preceding years I know that I would not trade it for another.

Because it’s here in the journey that I have learned that I have an amazing God.
It’s here that I have begun to learn to trust Him.
It’s here that I began to know that He is faithful.

And I know that this journey is not finished.

There are still lessons that I need to learn.
There is still a God I do not yet fully know.
There are yet unexplored depths of a love that I cannot comprehend.
There is still a grace that is new each day.

So travel with me on this journey. I can’t promise it will always be pretty. This is life, and there are chains that bind. But our God is a God of broken chains, of transformed lives, of healed hearts.

And this is why I blog. Because if sharing what I’m learning, if sharing tidbits of my life, shows you even a little bit more fully the God of Heaven and Earth, if it brings your chains a little closer to broken – then it is worth it.

Let’s bring Him glory.


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