About This Blog

Sometimes it is in the silence that we hear God speak best; somehow it’s in the tears and the pain that we find Him most beautiful; and it is always in finding Him beautiful that we find Him love.

God is love. And it’s this love that picks us up, all unworthy, and makes us His. It’s this love that takes me and roots out the weeds in my life. It is beautiful, but it is also the fire, the storm, the polishing stone…. And it is this love that pours out oceans full of grace.

Every day His mercy is new, His faithfulness sure. On every road I walk His footsteps go before, and His promise is song. When rain pours down and tears come He is there reminding me that He makes every bitter thing sweet. When sunbeams light my way He rejoices over me. And when He sends my path through fire it is He that walks beside.

He is Sovereign Lord, Almighty Father, Enduring Friend. He is holy and just. He is always, always good. And… He is beautiful.

My journey is not finished. There are lessons that I still need to learn, a God I do not yet fully know, and unexplored depths of a love that I barely begin to comprehend. Some days I still forget to live with heart and hands wide open to Him, and some days I still forget that love makes obedience sweet.

He is the treasure that is worth giving everything for. And, mostly, I just want to love Him.

That’s why we’re here, you and I, on this sphere hung in space.

And that’s why I write. Because despite the lies this world places before us, He is love, and He is beautiful. This is the truth that changes me and changes you. And one day soon He’ll come again to take His people Home, and well, I want to walk those streets of gold and sing glory to His name with you. He waits for us, so let’s, together, bring Him glory.

The words you find here are simply the lessons He seeks to teach me, whether whispered soft in moments of communion or found written in the pages of Holy Word. They are the lessons I’m still learning, the truth He speaks over me, and the grace that pours like rain.

And who am I? Just a child of God, redeemed, forgiven, loved beyond measure. A student, learning that in His presence is life and in His favor is song, that every experience I pass through in life can be turned to good in His hands, and that His arms are always there to run Home to.

For He is the Home our hearts will always seek, and He is our song in the rain.